Know Your Perfumer - Linda Pilkington

Exquisite, refined, uncompromising - three words instantly associated with Linda Pilkington’s fragrance house, Ormonde Jayne. Founding the brand twenty years ago, Pilkington has come a long way from her humble beginnings of making scented candles from her kitchen table. Spurred on by her own demanding expectations and inspirational vision, Pilkington has managed to establish herself as one of the world’s leading perfumers. Currently boasting over two hundred points of sale across the world, including prestigious counters in Harrods, Selfridges and of course Scentitude in The Dubai Mall.

The Epitome Of Chic

The home of this artistic perfume brand can be found nestled into an intimate yet elegant boutique on the highly sought after Old Bond Street, London. Redolent with intoxicating scents reminiscent of eastern allure, the decadent and stylish interiors emanate opulence. Proud to welcome exclusive clientele from all over the world including celebrity fans such as supermodel Yasmin Le Bon and actress Emma Thompson, Pilkingtons brand offers a bespoke “made to measure” service from the in-house laboratory, based beneath the boutique. Providing an ability to satisfy personal preference, private customers can purchase higher percentage formulations of their favourite fragrances, hand-poured on-site, to ensure the highest level of purity.

Pilkington grew up in the picturesque area of Cheshire in England, harvesting a vehement interest in the romance of perfume and perfume bottles from a young age. This proved to be the initial foundation on what would be a flourishing international career. Pilkington’s passion and sharp business sense saw her hand-making bathing oils and scented cushions from craft sets, which she went on to sell to neighbours.

Fourteen years of extensive travel throughout Africa, the Middle East and Latin America followed her childhood years, which further fuelled Pilkington’s devotion and passion for the art of exotic essences, taking inspiration from the heady scents and delectable flora across the unfamiliar landscapes.

It was, however, a chance meeting with an old school friend back in the UK, which was to become the catalyst to starting her now thriving business. Recalling her childhood pastime of creating scented candles and home furnishings, her friend offered her a commission to create candles for his high-end fine jewellery boutique. Her creations were well received and with the rising demand for her produce, her passionate hobby soon gained momentum to secure her as the renowned global powerhouse her brand is today.

With a Parisian influence and a passion for English craftsmanship, all of Ormonde Jayne’s perfumes and scented candles are produced a stone’s throw away from her Old Bond Street store, in her state-of-the-art studios in Regents Park. Defying convention from the early days of the brand, Ormonde Jayne was one of the first perfume brands to make its entire collection, excluding Ormonde Man and Ormonde Women, unisex in 2005.

A modernist vanguard, Pilkington was pushing boundaries from the birth of the brand, she pioneered the use of ambient rare flora such as distinctive black hemlock, Champaca and Black Iris, which are used throughout her perfume range in place of the more commonly entrusted sandalwood and cedarwood that other brands would use.

A true innovator in the perfume industry, Ormonde Jayne has a strict philosophy to utilise exotic and atypical ingredients otherwise not comprehensively used by other perfume manufacturers. Pilkington is potentially best known for being one of the first to consider the use of Oud in a fine fragrance. Intertwined with other high-end ingredients, Oud first appeared in her Ormonde Man scent back in 2004, the development was daring and groundbreaking at the time in the UK market. She pioneered the commercial use of Oud within the fragrance industry which has since become commonplace among fragrance houses, owing to Pilkingtons experimental and avant-garde approach.

Ormonde Jayne Celebrates Its 20th Anniversary

A true entrepreneur with a range spanning across bath and body, Pilkingtons brand is enjoying longevity unique for an independently owned fragrance brand. To mark this year’s 20th anniversary, Ormonde Jayne is launching La Route De La Soie; a collection of seven high calibre exquisite fragrances inspired by the flora and destinations of the ancient Silk Route. The release date is set for November 2020 and is certain to be the latest in a long line of sought after scents from the revered perfume brand.

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